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Future-Ready Facilities Plan
2023 Update



Culver City Unified School District’s campuses were built over 50 years ago.  We are embarking on district-wide campus master plans and educational specifications (design guidelines) to use as a strategic road map for the future.  This is an exceptional opportunity to start the process to develop and renovate building spaces which nurture collaboration, innovation, and creativity for the next 100 years. 

Road map for the future
Your opinion matters

Our community’s needs and interests are vital to developing a strategic road map for the future. If you were unable to participate in the community forums, online survey or school board workshop and have feedback to share, or you were able to participate and have additional concerns, then please share your feedback with us.


Campus Guides

We are making adjustments to the priorities in the Facilities Master Plan. The current priorities listed in the Narratives and Maps in the Master Plan are subject to change based on current input gathered this year.


Please note, the plan is dynamic and evolving to reflect the needs of our students and community. Our focus is to provide safe environments that engage the educational community to create meaningful connections and celebrate, understand, and respect the multi-dimensionality of each other.


At CCUSD we know our students. We meet their individualized needs and advocate on their behalf. CCUSD’s District policies and instructional practices ensure that every student has access and opportunity to thrive within and beyond their school environment.


CCUSD’s environments empower educators and learners to embrace the growth mindset by exposing them to differentiated learning in universal design environments. Through malleable spaces, our campuses will support educators in the endeavor of nurturing the whole child for academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success beyond school and throughout life.

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The Office 

of Child Development

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Elementary School

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Culver City

Middle School

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El Marino

Elementary School

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La Ballona

Elementary School

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Culver City

High School

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El Rincon

Elementary School


Linwood E. Howe

Elementary School

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Culver Park

High School

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers. Here’s a bit more about the process based on our most commonly received questions.

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