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Building components expand on CCUSD’s vision for a flexible and collaborative network of buildings within all its campuses.  As specific campus programs become defined during the design process, implementation of the relationships and ideas from these guidelines will ensure a successful translation of CCUSD’s vision directly into the learning environment.

Welcome Center, Admin and Community Hub

Inviting place for all visitors, supports meetings and administrative work, serves each campus community.



An evolution of the library,  a highly flexible “learning hub” for activities of all kinds, shared by school and community.


Civic hub, supports large assembly, performing arts, indoor fitness, multiuse learning, and events and functions.

Support Network

Supports teachers with spaces to connect with each other and students using a variety of modalities.

Specialized Labs

Supports inquiry-based learning, experiential learning and Career and Technical Education programs.

Café and

Social hub, enhances health and well-being, makes nutrition accessible, and supports multiuse learning.



Supports higher inclusivity by embracing a “push in” model, integrating special education with gen ed environments.

Visual Arts and Performing Arts

Supports specialized learning, arts integration and many activities vital to the Culver City arts community.



Includes physical education, sports, and fitness spaces dispersed throughout the school.

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