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 Vision for the 

 Learning Environment 

The following interviews provide an overview of and insights into the District's vision for the future of learning environments. They identify some of the drivers for and types of change needed to achieve the vision on existing campuses.

Much More than
Academic Experiences

A conversation with Tracy Pumilia,

Assistant Superintendent of Education

Dynamic Learning Environments

A conversation with Lisa Michel,

Director of Secondary Education


Visioning, professional learning and core planning workshops were held in early 2019 to develop the District’s Vision for the Learning Environment, as well as Guiding Principles for its campuses, to build a strong foundation for developing the Ed Specs. 


Tomorrow’s learning model and practices will look very different from today. The District's vision for the future of education is described in detail using two exercises from the workshop.

Guiding Principles

Inclusivity, equity, student centered accountability, partnerships and innovation provide design direction and work towards District-wide parity.


The Visioning Workshop was followed by qualitative interviews with educational leadership and teachers representing school levels and programs. The essential question asked was, "How will Culver City prepare students for THEIR future through your built environment, learning model and teaching practices?" Using these interviews, the committee developed a deeper understanding of how students learn in the future.

Early Learning: 
Big Picture

Conversation with Vanessa San-Martin
Director of Child Development


Student Experience

A conversation with Kim Indelicato,
Elementary School Principal 

Importance of the Arts in Education

A conversation with Heather Moses,
Arts Coordinator 

Early Learning:
A Teacher's Perspective

A conversation with Angela Gray,
Pre-K Teacher

Media, Research,

and Technology

A conversation with Asunción Romo, Director of Library Services

Dining Experience

and Nutrition

A conversation with Julie Garcia, Director of Nutrition

Special Education: Supporting Inclusion

A conversation with Kathryn O’Brien,
Special Day Class Teacher

STEM, Industry,
and Tech Partners

A conversation with David Stout, Robotics Program Director / Volunteer


and Athletics

A conversation with Tom Salter,
Athletic Director at CCMS / CCHS, and 

Steve Siegal, Elementary PE Teacher

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