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Modernization Eligibility 2019

Based on October 2018 Enrollment Data

Culver City Unified School District has a history of success in obtaining facility funding from the State School Facility Program, receiving approximately $25 million in modernization funding since 1999.  Given the District's current entitlement and the proposed $13 billion State bond initiative for March 2020, the District is again poised to receive State Funds to assist with its capital program needs.  The $41,694,200 represents total funding by year 2027.  Should the District apply for applications prior to 2027, the previous estimates would be deducted from the $41,694,200.


This report estimates that Culver City Unified School District may currently be eligible (2019-2022) to apply for up to $1,250,094 in remaining eligibility for four of their school sites.  In 2023, Linwood Howe has additional buildings that become age qualified, therefore, providing additional funding. Over the next 10 years, all schools within Culver City Unified School District become eligible again for modernization funding for approximately $41,694,200 (based on today’s dollars) as these schools were previously modernized in 2002.  Buildings become eligible for modernization funding 25+ years after original apportionment.






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