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Multi-Purpose Hall

Culver City values the arts. Every CCUSD campus has a robust performing arts program, and the district is supported by many partnerships.

In addition to supporting the arts, the site committee and community forum for every campus expressed an urgent need for larger, community-building events both during and after school hours. Consider El Marino Elementary School. With both Japanese and Spanish Immersion Programs, the campus must support a wide range of extracurricular activities, varying in group size and functions, simultaneously. A Multi-Purpose Hall, tailored to these needs, would be transformative for the campus. Because multiuse, large assembly spaces are a vital part of the learning model, Culver City USD is adopting a two-building approach. One Multi-Purpose building will support large assemblies, performance, multiuse learning and events; and a separate multipurpose Café will support dining and nutrition, as well as before, during and after school learning.

The Why

The Cafetorium model—both café and auditorium, is inadequate for dining and performance. While it worked decades ago, with small campuses and limited performing arts, it no longer works today. Undersized and lacking adequate furniture, each campus is forced to run more, smaller lunch periods making multiuse a struggle. Large assemblies and performances are limited.

Culver City High School’s Frost Theater is in high demand and experiences regular scheduling conflicts given CCUSD’s need for large assembly spaces. Instead of using the Frost Theater for these programs, Multi-Purpose Halls at the elementary campuses will provide purposeful space for performances and workshops supported by the arts’ partnerships, as well as much needed space for extracurricular activities.


Large Assembly

Assembly for at least half of the student body.

Performing Arts

Robust Performing Arts program, from specialized learning to performances, including dance, drama, film, and music. Because many campuses augment daily learning with cultural immersion classes, clubs, and extracurriculars that regularly use performance in their curriculum, it is common for two, three or more groups to be practicing simultaneously.  Supports both learner and community performances.

Indoor Fitness

Indoor fitness and physical education on inclement weather days. Without an adequate indoor fitness space, supporting daily physical activity is difficult.

Multiuse Learning

Project-based learning for students, including large, extended or multi-grade projects. Professional development for teachers, including presentations and workshops.

Events and Exhibitions

Graduation, school fairs, weekend and summer programs, and other special events.

Key Concepts




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After Hours

Separate entrances should be provided with secure after-hours zones created through security grills, key-card access, and/or operable panels. Zone the space so that use doesn’t require access to the main campus. Assure family restrooms are immediately accessible.

Play Areas and Fields

Support after school, weekend and summer programs with easy access to play areas and fields.


Provide easy access for performance-related receiving, from stage sets to custom equipment


Large Assembly

Right-size the Multipurpose Building to support approximately 60% of the total student population, providing acoustics, sound and projection systems to support gatherings of this size. Stacking chairs with adequate storage.


Elementary students at Culver City USD experience a robust performing arts program that continues to expand.  Select stage, lighting and curtains that support a variety of formats, including dance, theater, choral and instrumental.

Indoor Fitness

Floors. Durable materials. Storage for equipment. Daylight.

Multiuse Learning

Support multiuse learning with flexible furniture—collaborative seating and mobile project tables; affordancesmobile whiteboards and learning walls; and easy access to power, such as floor outlets on a regular grid. Because the space will support multiple activities from week to week, day to day, and possibly morning to afternoon, select systems that ensure quick setup and takedown. 

Simultaneous Use

Use operable partitions to support multiple, simultaneous uses. For example, consider the weeks or months preceding a large play or performance. Dividing the space would allow other activities to continue. 

Outdoor Area

In addition to supporting larger groups by combining the indoor space with an outdoor area, annual indoor/outdoor events are common for many campuses. If desired, use operable partitions or roll-up doors for a direct connection to an outdoor multipurpose area. Provide permanent shade, power, sound, projection and acoustics.

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