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Welcome Center


Community Hub

Building and sustaining student, parent, and community partnerships. 

The transition from neighborhood to school is equally vital for students and parents alike. As a welcoming gateway, the Welcome Center experience supports rituals around day’s beginning and end, gives staff the opportunity to check in with the social and emotional wellbeing of students, and assures parents they are handing their children into a safe, positive environment. As a work environment, the Admin workplace empowers staff to support the individualized needs of their students and families, advocate on their behalf, and ensure that every child has access and opportunity to thrive both within and beyond their school environment. Parent involvement in CCUSD is exceptionally high.  At the same time, there are families with a variety of needs who would benefit from additional support. The Community Hub empowers each campus to “fit out” the space in a way that best supports their community. 

The Why

The traditional concept of an Administration building is narrow when compared to the new model for CCUSD, which tailors the component to both campus and school level. Consider the Community Hub. For one campus, it may provide social services and computers with internet. For another, it may be a space for parents to linger, have coffee and connect with other parents after student drop off. For the Office of Childhood Development (OCD), it may be an inviting experience that nudges rituals, such as a parent sitting down and reading to their children before walking them into the learning studios.


Welcome Area

The Welcome Area should function both as a warm, inviting place for all visitors of the building as well as a security checkpoint.  As a welcoming gateway, this space supports rituals around day’s beginning and end, and it assures parents that they are handing their children into a safe, positive environment.


Administration will support all required administrative responsibilities and functions associated with the administrative space program. These activities include, but are not limited to, medium and small group private meetings and individual and group administrative work. 

Community Hub

The Community Welcome Center serves as a multi-purpose space to support the needs of the specific community surrounding each campus. This could include a social gathering place for large, medium, or small groups of community members, visitors, educators, and/or learners. Or, it could provide individual work space and one-on-one meeting areas for local non-profit and support services. The space should be open and inviting by offering areas with comfortable, informal seating, and access to abundant natural light.

Key Concepts




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Welcome Area

Provide comfortable, soft seating. Display student work, both physical and digital, in a way that supports curation and rotation. Assure family restrooms are immediately accessible from Welcome Area and Community Hub.


The balance of visible transparency and privacy is key. Administrative staff must be accessible, and learners must feel welcomed. Ergonomic systems furniture will be provided for individual workstations. Meeting spaces will offer current technological display systems, appropriate acoustics for privacy, and furniture to support maximum flexibility including mobile, flip-top tables and nesting chairs.

Community Hub

Meeting furniture should include maximum flexibility for multiple uses, including mobile, flip-top tables and nesting chairs. Workstations should be accommodated with flexible systems furniture to ensure ability to reorganize for multiple uses. Provide sink and/or kitchenette as appropriate, as well as projection or digital display systems to support a variety of community use.

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