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Understanding the Numbers

TOTAL: 1,334 participants

1,290 English     

43 Spanish

School facilities should be a teaching tool for students 

(monitoring building energy usage with access to

monitoring software)

Facilities need updating and modernization to support future ready learning

Facilities need repair and maintenance

School facilities should be a role model for environmental stewardship for the community

Clear majority (80%+) of participants believe…

Around 66% of participants believe…

On some level, the facility supports school safety

With respect to the most important CCUSD programs

in the future, college prep classes are the most


Classes focused on Fine Arts, Personalized/flexible

learning, and Courses for Career Pathways, were

thought to be 2nd  important for future programs.

Around 50% of participants believe....

Beyond core academics, Fine Arts (Music, Drama, Art)

are the most valued programs. STEAM related programs

(coding, Robotics, Construction) were valued 2nd most,

followed closely by programs focused on foreign languages.

Facilities are in “good shape”

Traffic patterns for pickup and drop off are unsafe and

do not work well. 

The most important elements in the future for CCUSD

schools will be Educational Programming, with a close

40% of participants also agreeing available technology

will be important in the future.

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